Whitchurch Teams


Chris McQuilkin                                                                                                                      Dave Adamson
Brett Farmer
Eddie Ince
Rob Gibson
Andy Sale
Nathan Routley
Mark Franklin
Dave Hicks
Alan Painter - Captain
Alex Melkonian                                                                                                                      Lester Sandles                                                                                                                        Jamie Kater                                                                                                                              Rob King

Latest match 30 Nov 2017 away at Southampton University: Alex Melkonian despite a late call-up at 1 was clearly in a hurry as he only lost one point, Nathan Routley at 2 had a closer game but was always in control winning 3-1 leaving the team needing only one more win. Captain Al Painter at 3 surprisingly had an off day not showing his usual match concentration and losing 3-0, putting the pressure on to Lester Sandles at 4 who although is improving wasn't good enough also losing 3-0. The match now depended on Jamie Kater at 5 whose enthusiasm exceeds his ability currently and he lacking in matches also lost 3-0.

At the halfway point the team have some work to do as currently in the relegation zone but results are expected to improve as experience grows in the second half of the season.

Fixtures, league positions, player rankings etc all available on the Hampshire league website below:

Hampshire league link: www.hampshiresquash.co.uk